President’s Message October 2015

27 Nov

Hello Everyone

Well it’s now October. Boy this year has gone fast. We have the Halloween party coming up this month which will be on Halloween. And also have the Christmas party coming up. Hope we have a good turnout  for each.

Also please be mindful of the speed limits on our roads since the kids are now back in school. We have had a couple of incidents out here( thankfully not involving the kids).

Also for members please note: we have had several incidents reported of the gate being left open. Please the gate has to be locked after entering our park ( I’m talking the side gate also) our insurance possibly won’t cover any incidents that happens at the park (Unless it is a private function which has the authorization to keep the gate open) and we don’t want that to happen.  Also the park is for members only and we have had incidents reported that people are not members are using the park. It is posted on the main gate to please keep the gate locked at all times. Please read your park membership form for the rules.  If you have any questions you can either contact me or Dana the vice president.

Thanks in advance for your support of our community


Al Eastburn

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