President’s Message June 2016

26 May

Hello Neighbors,
I would like to touch on a few very important topics: speeding, pedestrians and pet owner responsibilities.
We have had a serious problem with speeders and aggressive driving lately. We are very lucky to live an such a unique community where we are able to cruise on golf carts and enjoy the rural scenery while on a bike ride or a walk . Drivers please slow down and beware of the golf carts and pedestrians and golf carts and pedestrians please move to the shoulder and allow cars to pass safely.
Everyone please discuss with all family members the importance of driving the speed limit and being alert and cautious of pedestrians, pets and wildlife. Also, parents please discuss with your children when walking to and from the bus stop to move to the shoulder when vehicles are coming. Everyone please remember when walking or riding after dark, to please wear reflective gear and carry a light. Even when wearing light colored clothing, it is impossible to see pedestrians when there are lights shining in your eyes from oncoming traffic. Let’s all do our part to keep our community safe.
There have also been many complaints of dog owners being irresponsible and not cleaning up after their pets.
Terry Gardner
IOPPOA President

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