Presidents Message November 2016

28 Oct

Hello Neighbors,
Fall is finally in the air and we have all of our wonderful holiday events coming up. It’s never too late to become a member and enjoy these great events. Just contact Kurt Lugar, his information is in this newsletter.
With the cooler weather we like to enjoy our bonfires, please be careful and remember to fully extinguish your fires. In our area we also need to be aware of muck fires. Muck fires result when the loose, organic material found below the top layer of soil ignites and produces a sub-surface fire that can burn for weeks and reach temperatures of more than 500 degrees Fahrenheit. In addition to being difficult to extinguish, muck fires can produce noxious fumes and spread destructive heat to tree roots, causing trees to topple. The heat generated by a muck fire can also transfer underground horizontally to neighboring areas and ignite forest fires yards away from the original subsurface fire. Volunteers are still gathering information on our door to door survey regarding the traffic calming device interest. Also, with this beautiful weather, our fellow neighbors are out and about walking, riding, etc., so please be cautious. The wildlife are sporting their winter coats and colors and are more difficult to spot so keep your eyes out for them as well. We are still working on many projects before year’s end and we are always in need of volunteers and input. Meetings are always open for all to attend. The next meeting will be November 1st. Hope to see you there!! Sincerely,
Terry Gardner IOPPOA President

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