Presidents Message May 2017

26 Apr

Hello Neighbors,

Summer is upon us and we are in a drought and conditions for wild fires are extremely high so please observe the no burn rule to insure all of us stay safe.

We have scheduled a park clean up on Saturday May 6 at 8am and hope some of you will be able to help out. We will also be cleaning the dock, replacing some of the deck boards, staining the dock and also installing some bumper guards on the post to help protect your boats. If enough people show up some of us can venture down to the North Park and begin some clearing down to the main property so we may in the future begin development of at least 1 acre of the 5 acres as a dog park. If you are willing to help, it will be greatly appreciated. Coffee and donuts will be furnished.

I know some of you especially the speeders are tired of hearing about it but don’t you think it is time to mature up and observe the posted speed limit within the Isle of Pines before there is a tragedy. If anyone has any ideas of how to slow them down you are welcome to join us at the Board meeting held the first Tuesday of each month at 7pm at the South Park.

Thank you and have a Great Summer,

Terry Gardner

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