Presidents Message January 2018

18 Dec

Dear Members,

During the December Board meeting for IOPPOA, the budget is discussed and motions are made pertaining to the stewardship of the property and the accommodation of our members. Over the last few years our budget has been running at a deficit. We have made budget cuts and have increased fund raising events. However, this year, we again face a deficit.
During our December 2017 Board meeting, the following measures were discussed in an effort to ensure our budget continues to serve our membership and our property and facilities. Your attention to the below information and consideration are greatly appreciated. We encourage all members to bring forward any suggestions and/or concerns.

Reducing Expenses:

Newsletter delivery costs have been reduced. You will now see your Newsletter in your mailbox. This change in our delivery method allows us to eliminate the plastic bags. Our Postmaster has ensured us that as a non-profit organization, we can utilize member mailboxes.

Contingent IOPPOA Sponsored Events: The Board has discussed eliminating certain annual events from the calendar if the balance in the operating account is not adequate to end the year without a deficit. The events currently being examined for possible elimination are St. Patty’s Day and Memorial Day. We also may find it necessary to reduce the budgets for the remaining events.

Increasing Income:

Membership Dues: A motion was made and carried to increase membership dues by $10/year for the new total of $135/year. All discounts still apply.
Wedding Venue: The Board has approved the use of the Park and its facilities to host Wedding Ceremonies under contract. We are hopeful that we will realize the financial benefit of this new initiative in 2018. Please tell your family and friends who may be planning nuptials in our area. (ISLEOFPINES.ORG & VENUE.ISLEOFPINES.ORG)

Thank you,
Terry Gardner

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