Presidents Message April 2018

19 Mar

Dear Neighbors,

Happy April! Hopefully you are looking forward to the warm weather and being able to enjoy the outdoors as much as myself. Summer is just around the corner and all of us will soon be spending more leisure time at the South Park.

Please enjoy the park and also help us maintain it by cleaning up after yourself before you leave the Park. If you happen to see something that is out of order it would be great that you take the time to make it right.

I would like to thank everyone that donates their time to help with association projects. I would encourage all members to get more involved in community events and attend our board meetings and share any ideas or solutions for the upcoming events or projects being discussed.

There have been reports of people still speeding in the neighborhood and I have no solution of how to confront or stop the repeat offenders from doing so. You people that continue to speed jeopardize the safety of others and yourself as well. Your neighbors feel unsafe to walk, jog and ride their bikes or let their children out of their sight for fear of the tragic results that could come from your adolescent and immature actions. PLEASE SLOW DOWN!!!!!!

As a reminder the Board Meets the first Tuesday of each month at the South Park at 7:00pm and everyone is welcome to join in.

Thank you,

Terry Gardner
IOPPOA President

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