President’s Message – March 2012

1 Apr

Thank you all for making the St. Patrick’s Party such a great time! Nickie and Keb Bazinet got their green on and won movie tickets, they won by the square inch of greendown to the green shamrock socks and boxers! Thank you Brooke for doing such agreat job decorating and John for the music. Great food, music and friends!Our IOP Association relies on our great volunteers and we want to thank all of you thatvolunteered for the Triathlon especially on Sunday in the worst weather. Josh has takenaway the crumbling stone picnic tables. Thank you Josh we are almost out of the stoneage in the IOP! We are all volunteers in different ways, picking up trash while enjoyingthe park, making sure the bathrooms are closed and the lights off, making sure the gateis closed and locked. Please close the gate and lock it even if you enter the park for amoment it is an insurance requirement that this is done.

If you would like to suggest a new idea for an IOP function please email me or come toone of our events or meetings. You do not have to be a board member to participate inan event. Also, one of your privileges for being a member is to be able to reserve theIOP park for a private event..birthday, wedding, BBQ, contact Janet to reserve your dateand fill out the park reservation form on our website. Our grill has been redesigned andfabricated by Ian Aikens it is for propane use only. Great job Ian!

See you at the IOP Easter Party. Cheer on all ages of children hunting for Easter Eggs,and then cheer the adults on as they scramble for Easter Eggs. Most entertaining timewith coffee, juice and danishes and prizes. All ages come down ahead of time to helpthe Easter Bunny hide eggs.

See you in the IOP!

Terry Aikens

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