President’s Message – April 2012

1 May

How long have you been a resident in the Isle Of Pines and what changes have you seen?

How many generations have made the IOP their home, such as Gardners, Eastburn, Whitfield and Cox family? Do you have some interesting stories of what it was like way back when?

If so email me or Bill Anderson at or set up a time to get together so we can share this infor- mation with the residents in the IOP. We will use the newsletter for sharing the information and we would like to pull from the archives some information to do a timeline of the history of the IOP. I just heard today from Dana Aikin that they used to collect sap from the pine trees to make it into turpentine. There were camps set up and some old pine trees still show the cuts from this process.

Our neighborhood is unique in that there are no two houses exactly alike and that there have been many people that have left impressions of their lives in the IOP. When you move into the IOP you hear your house is referred to by the last owner of the house. Especially if the last owner had lived there a long time, or had done some improvements or that they were well known in the neighborhood. Of course over time the next owner will leave their impression on the house and its referral may change to that owner.

No matter what changes have been made with new houses being built or improvements it is the lives of its residents that leave their mark the most.

Share some of your earliest memories you have of the IOP and let’s keep making memories of our own! See you in the IOP!

Terry Aikens


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