President’s Message – July 2012

1 Jul

The IOPPOA is very fortunate to have active board members, without them and their time the IOPPOA would be the same as every other association that I hear about that don’t do anything for their members. Here are your involved IOPPOA board members:
Al Eastburn : Vice President, what would we do without Al, you can usually find as the grill master at events, corner marshal, and has served many years on the board.
Janet Herrera: Secretary, my effortless co-coordinator on the many events we provide.
Hugh Blair: Treasurer, which has various challenging situations and coordinator of the Triathlon.
Nikki Worcester and her other half John have swapped places for terms on the board, the whole family is very active providing our DJ and many delicious meals to our events.
Shawn Krzanik and his wife Ana will have brought us a family fun 4th of July again this year, along with working on our database for Trade Listing to Keep it in the Hood.
Domenique Lombardo is energetic in promoting our community.
Mike “Fisherman Mike” is a great worker bee; he puts in 110% effort in our events.
Jennifer Hislop joined the board this year and is working with me on the IOP history. Also her family has been corner marshals for the triathlon. Great participation!
Rene Fossey-Dary joined the board this year and actively participates in events, has great enthusiasm. Suzanne Arnold is so diverse and her values, compassion, humor and energy can always be counted on. Josh Harriger and has made improvements to the park with his handiness and his suggestions.
Josh Starcher has joined the board this year and has kept us up to date on our website and is working on improving it.
Dave Patenaude and his wife Tammy have been effortless in participating at many of our events.
Mindy Nodorft joined the board this year and shows her spirit of neighborliness.
Carloyn Bird has joined the board this year and has great suggestions and input for our community.
See you in the IOP!

Terry Aikens


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