President’s Message – September 2012

6 Sep

The local deer inhabitants have been busy and now there are quite a few twin fawns and adult deer grazing from street to street. As we share our rural environment with the woodland crea- tures please drive slowly and with your bright lights on. One fawn was killed recently in the neigh- borhood and it would be sad to lose anymore.

Every IOP Board meeting is open to the general membership; we meet at the south beach the first Tuesday of every month. This September we will meet on the second Tuesday. We are going to have some new events so watch for future announcements.

The IOP Board is planning on some needed repairs done within the park. We have a committee that has addressed repairs that need to be done: Updating the electrical boxes and receptacles, replacing the roof on the pavilion and the retainer wall by the dock, build- ing or placing a water pump house over the well.

Thank you to all the below volunteers these things could not have been accomplished without you!

I want to thank who ever put a new basketball net up.

Replaced boards on the dock, by Nat Worcester and his friend

Updated website take a look @ designed and managed by Josh Starcher

Welcome baskets for new residents by Domenique Lombardo

Replaced the swing set seats researched and purchased by Jennifer Hislop and in- stalled by Josh Harriger

Replaced Christmas lights on the inside of the pavilion with rope lights. Purchased large fans that were helpful at the 4th of July party by Terry Aikens

Top boards on the dock and upkeep, by Albert Cichra

Also for triathlon volunteering, Shawn Kraznik, Sheila Cichra and her mom, the Worcester family, Hugh and Nancy Blair, Kelly Dunn, Jennifer & John Hislop, Al Eastburn, Dana Aikin, Mike Bull and Terry Aikens.

See you in the IOP,

Terry Aikens

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