President’s Message – September 2014

8 Sep

Hello Everyone

Well here it is the middle of August. All of the children went back to school on Monday.

Even though it is mentioned otherwise in the newsletter I would to ask to please obey the speed limits. The high schoolers at the end of my street almost got all wiped out by a truck leaving and almost ran them all over. So please try and slow down.

Also as noted there is still not a secretary for the association. We really need for people to volunteer to help out the association because without volunteers we would not be able to have the events that we have and the way of life that we are all used to.

On another note not sure how many people knew him but we lost a good friend and a longtime resident of the IOP. Even though he moved away years ago he is still considered as such due to the efforts he put forth for this community. We will be having a memorial service at the park (asked for by his wife) on August 23.

Our next event coming up will be the Halloween party. I really hope that we see a good turnout.

Also the end of the year is only 4 months so please keep in mind that in January will be the membership drive where the new board will be nominated. Would really like to see some of the new people that have moved into the neighborhood volunteer to be on the board. After all the board meeting in only one Tuesday evening a month.

Thanks in advance for your support of our community

Al Eastburn

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