President’s Message – October 2014

16 Oct

Well welcome to fall

Just want to mention we lost another long time resident who also moved away Bill Kirk. He had been on the board several times and was a great asset to the community. He helped a lot of people get their houses out here and will be missed.

Well its now October and we have two more parties left for the year . the Halloween party and the Christmas party. Hopefully we will have a great turnout for both.

Also as noted there is still not a secretary for the association. We really need for people to volunteer to help out the association because without volunteers we would not be able to have the events that we have and the way of life that we are all used to.

Also the end of the year is only 2 months so please keep in mind that in January will be the membership drive where the new board will be nominated. Would really like to see some of the new people that have moved into the neighborhood volunteer to be on the board. After all the board meeting in only one Tuesday evening a month.

Also I believe the triathalons are thru for this year. Many thanks to all the volunteers who helped out for these events. They help provide income for the association for park maintenance and functions and such.

Also thanks to Michael and Jennifer Land for having a party at the party. They provided everything theirself just to be neighborly and extend a welcome out to everyone. We did have a nice turnout

Thanks in advance for your support of our community
Al Eastburn

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