President’s Message – November 2014

12 Nov

Well welcome to everybody

We had the Halloween party on October 31 st this year. We had a really nice turnout. I would esti- mate a turnout of close to two hundred people. Everybody had a great time guess the kids went trick or treating on marine drive and then all came to the park. Much thanks to the Worcester’s for

coordinating this event.
The next event will be the Christmas party. Hope to have a great turnout for that

Just a reminder we will be having the wine and cheese membership drive the middle of January. This is where people are nominated for the IOP board. We meet once a month the first Tuesday of the month and the meeting normally lasts an hour. It would be really great to see some new faces on the board.

Also please be mindful of the speed limits as there are a lot of children and bicyclists and so forth on the streets so be careful.

Thanks in advance for your support of our community

Al Eastburn

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