President’s Message – January 2015

6 Jan

Hello Everyone

Well Happy New Year everybody Welcome to 2015

January 16 is the membership drive/ Wine and cheese party . During this event the dues are $10.00 off the normal $125.00 . Also ballots will be there for the board for the incoming year. Hope to see some new faces on the board this year as we have some people dropping off the board due to work issues and such. Remember all is asked of people to be on the board is for one Tuesday night a month to be able to give up an hour of your time .Please help us to stay the community that we have know to love and share

Please note that bids are being accepted for various items as noted in the newsletter. These bids will be gone thru by the new board the first meeting in February. If we do not get enough board members to be able to accept the bids then the association cannot function

Also please be mindful of the speed limits as there are a lot of children and bicyclists and so forth on the streets so be careful I myself have been passed several times as I have come into the community past the 35 mph speed limit sign

Thanks in advance for your support of our community

Al Eastburn

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