Presidents Message October/November 2019

17 Sep

Thank you all that help to put on the Labor Day event. The food was excellent, the music was on point, the games and raffles were very entertaining. I’d say it was a great success.
Halloween and Camp Night is right around the corner. Be on the look out for more details in the newsletter.
On a much different note, I’d like to bring some vandalism to the community’s attention. There have been multiple issues with someone vandalizing the IOP Park bathrooms with stealing or damaging of bathroom supplies, intentionally attempting to clog the toilets, urination all over the floor in both bathrooms, and spreading of fecal matter in both bathrooms. A report will be filed with the sheriff department. If you know who is responsible, please contact me or the sheriff department. This needs to stop immediately. If anyone finds these issues in the bathrooms, please contact me
Also, there are visible signs of vehicles, golf carts, and ATV’s driving on top of the septic field and doing burn-outs on the sides. Several kids have been spotted doing this. No vehicles (of any kind) are allowed on the septic field!


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