Presidents Message December 2019

19 Nov

We have a busy month ahead. Our annual Christmas Party will happen on Sunday, December 8th. I need volunteers (about 10) to help coordinate with cooking/prepping/serving of the turkeys and other food and set-u/clean-up after the event. If you would like to help with the event, please contact me ( More details on the Christmas Party in this newsletter. There is also a Christmas parade that will occur. Consider it as the boat parade…but on land. Be on the lookout for more details on our Facebook page. The boat parade is scheduled for Friday, December 20th. If you have a boat and want to decorate it with lights and spread Christmas joy to those around the lake, please meet at the South end of the lake around 6:30pm. Last year we had about 15 boats, lets try to beat that number. Call it the IOP Land & Lake Christmas Parade.
Finally, the holidays are here and so is the cooler weather. Some of you will be traveling for the holidays, please do so safely. Lastly, if you are able to donate a gift to someone, I encourage everyone to donate something to an organization that helps kids or families/people that are less fortunate.

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