Presidents Message February/March 2020

23 Mar

I have just been elected by the board to be your IOP President for 2020. Last year was a productive year for us, with
substantial progress in several areas of park improvements. I’d like to thank everyone who volunteered their time and
effort to keep the IOP a great place to live and play. This year we’ll build on the success of 2019, and will be asking all our
members to weigh in on what you feel should be the next big improvement project for our community.
IOP members, please be on the lookout for an email from Suzanne Arnold asking you to complete a short survey. We
created the survey to get the best sense of what our members’ priorities are for the coming year. You have three options to
choose from: Boat Ramp Repair, Seawall Replacement, or Build a Beachside Pavilion. Please take the very short time to
complete the survey.
During the membership drive this year, we had the most activity we’ve seen in years. It was great seeing all the new residents and those that took a little break come down and sign up. Our membership numbers are going up, so let’s hope that
leads to even greater friendship and camaraderie among our neighbors. Your continued membership and support make the
IOP a little slice of Heaven in a busy and noisy world.
Thank you all for a great 2019, and I look forward to pursuing new opportunities with you in 2020.

2019 Accomplishments
We got these done with a combination of membership funds and
volunteer labor from our board and other IOPPA members:
 Replaced defective bathroom locks
 Repaired fence from last hurricane
 Repaired gate and replaced lock
 Painted Safety Yellow step markers on dock
 Trimmed tree limbs over trailer parking
 Installed rain gutters on the pavilion
 Repaired wind-damaged flagpole
 Replaced flag & rope for flagpole
 Added lights to the dock
 Painted the water shed
 Added new trash cans for the park
 Refurbished swing set (new chains, hangers, seats, tin protective top cover, paint)
 Established parking area/slots for trailer parking
 Boy Scouts cleaned up the playground, sanded and sealed the picnic tables, uncovered and cleaned the shuffleboard
 Replaced basketball backboard and rim with heavy duty new components
 Installed a new septic lift pump and replaced the breaker
 Added information and guidance signs to the park
 Provided pest control around the pavilion and playground
 Cleared the corner lot of trees and some of the wooded area inside the park
 Prepared and distributed a survey to gather member inputs on priorities for the next big IOP project:
Boat Ramp, Sea Wall, or Beach Pavilion

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