Presidents Message May/June 2021

18 May

Hello, IOP Residents.
Let’s start off with the Easter Event. It is really a great sight to see all the little
ankle-biters running around picking up eggs. It was refreshing to see all the new
and old faces smiling and socializing. The event was a huge success in part to
those that attended as well as the volunteers that planned and prepared the
morning of. Thanks to all those that participated and volunteered. If you missed it,
there are several more great events coming up.
Mother’s Day occurred a couple weeks ago. Hopefully you were able to plan
something special. They are all awesome and deserve a day to feel extra special.
This is a great day to surprise them with plane tickets to Hawaii…or celebrate the
day with a special gift from the heart. It’s a great way to say thanks and earn some
brownie points.
Our next event will be the Father’s Day fishing tournament (June 20th). The event
will be followed by Dana’s legendary fish fry. If you are a member, come on down
and support Dad’s doing “Dad stuff” and cheer him on. Be on the lookout for event
details in the newsletter.
One of our largest events, July 4th, is approaching. Last
year we had an incredible amount of donations towards
fireworks. We need your donations again this year as
firework prices have gone UP. There will be a Facebook
post asking for donations, so be on the lookout. You can
always hand me cash (easiest) or email me
( for Venmo information. This
year we are planning for a cook out/potluck style event.
The details will be in June’s newsletter. It is for members
only, so if you need assistance with signing up, reach out
to a board member or myself and we can make it
IOP-Stay cool, safe, alert, healthy, friendly, small and
slow down.

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