Presidents Message July 2021

14 Jun

Hello, IOP Residents.
It’s June and that equates to hot temperatures and hurricane season. Take the time to
be proactive and collect a few supplies that you’ll need during a power outage. Unclog
any culverts on your property, trim your trees, pick up an loose yard debris, and fire up
your generator and chainsaws to make sure they are running properly. If they don’t run
right ask for help on the IOP Facebook page or take them to a service center for service.
Now that it’s June, the kids are out of school and playing with their friends. Pay
attention and slow down when you’re driving through the neighborhood. Take the
opportunity to ask them if they are for hire to do chores or yard work. It will keep them
busy, and help to build confidence and work ethic in their abilities. Plus they get a little
cash to save or buy something they have had their eye on. Just a thought.
Our next event will be the Father’s Day fishing tournament (June 20th). The event will
be followed by Dana’s legendary fish fry. If you are a member, come on down and
support Dad’s doing “Dad stuff” and cheer him on. Be on the lookout for event details in
the newsletter. It just might reel ya into joining the IOP fishing club.
One of our largest events, July 4th, is approaching. Last year we had an incredible
amount of donations towards fireworks. We need your donations again this year as
firework prices have gone ^UP^. There will be a Facebook post asking for donations, so
be on the lookout. You can always hand me cash (easiest) or email me
( for Venmo information.
This year we are planning for a cook out & potluck style
event. Whip up a good side that goes with hamburgers and
hotdogs or a dessert. The details will be in June’s newsletter.
It is for members only, so if you need assistance with signing
up, reach out to a board member or myself and we can make
it happen.
Lastly, I have witnessed a growing trend of not locking the
lock on the gate and leaving the gate open. If you drive by
and see the gate is not locked, stop and lock it. Please close
and lock the gate every time you enter/exit the park.
IOP-Stay cool, safe, alert, healthy, friendly, small and slow
Jesse Dance

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