Presidents Message August/September 2021

25 Aug

Hello, IOP Residents,
I hope that everyone has had a great summer. I’d like to remind everyone
that school is back in session. This means kids and school busses are on the
roads in the morning and afternoon. Plan accordingly and leave a few minutes
early if you have an important appointment to attend. Please use extra
caution when entering/leaving the neighborhood. It is 35mph on LMJ and
25mph everywhere else.
Last month we had a great July 4th event. Thanks to all the volunteers that
made it happen and thanks to all those that participated in the potluck. The
food was awesome. Thanks to the fire department for leading another safe
parade to the park and to everyone that lined the streets in support. Lastly,
thanks to everyone that made donations to the firework show. I hope you
enjoyed the whole event.
We are about half way through hurricane season. I learned that the list of
names for storms/hurricanes was increased…which means 2021 might be a
very active year. Take the time to be proactive and collect a few supplies
that you’ll need for a power outage. Unclog any culverts on your property,
trim your trees, pick up any loose yard debris, and fire up your generator and
chainsaws to make sure they are running properly. If they don’t run right ask
for help on the IOP Facebook page or take them to a service center for service.
IOP-Stay cool, safe, alert, healthy, friendly,
small and slow down.
– Jesse Dance

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