Presidents Message October 2021

27 Sep

Hello, IOP Residents,
I hope that everyone has had a great Labor Day. I’d like to remind everyone that school is
back in session. This means kids and school busses are on the roads in the morning and
afternoon. Plan accordingly and leave a few minutes early if you have an important
appointment to attend. Please use extra caution when entering/leaving the neighborhood.
It is 35mph on LMJ and 25mph everywhere else.
We are about half way through hurricane season. We have received heavy rain over the
last couple weeks that filled the ditches and covered portions of driveways and roads.
Please take the time to unclog any culverts and clean obstructions in the ditches. This will
get the water to the lake faster and reduce standing water (mosquito habitat) from around
your house. Take the time to be proactive and collect a few supplies that you’ll need for a
power outage, and fire up your generator and chainsaws to make sure they are running
properly. If they don’t run right ask for help on the IOP Facebook page or take them to a
service center for service.
We have a couple events coming up. Halloween and the IOP community yard sale. This
year the Halloween event will be on October 30th. Dress up your little
monsters/princesses and bring them to the park for an evening of fun. We will need
volunteers before, during, and after the event. Details are on the cover page. The IOP
yard sale will take place November 5th & 6th from 8AM-2PM. This is a great
opportunity to meet neighbors and buy/sell stuff. Start going through your stuff, knock off
the dust and the rust, and get ready to make some extra dough.

IOP-Stay cool, safe, alert, healthy, friendly, small and
slow down.
– Jesse Dance

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